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                        Knowledge is meant to be shared, and now we’re peeling back the curtains and sharing our profits too.

                        We’ve already done the hard part – developed 170 quality online courses that our students can’t get enough of. All you have to do is ‘click’ to join, ‘share’ with your network, and start earning today!

                        Why Become our Partner?

                        The e-learning industry is booming – it’s time to get on board!

                        Choose from our course catalogue of 170 exciting course topics

                        Earn commission for every course you sell

                        There’s no inventory to manage, no shipping costs, or extra fees

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                        Being an affiliate means that you are essentially promoting someone else’s product. In our case, you would be promoting online courses. You will be given an affiliate link specific to the course or courses you want to promote. You will be able to share these links with family, friends, on your social media accounts or any in person connections. You don’t necessarily have to use a computer to promote your links, you can also use your phone or tablet. You can even promote it in person by sharing your link or printing it on a card, for example. It’s totally up to you how you promote the course or courses.
                        Our affiliate program works with tiered commissions that start at 30%.
                        Payment of commission is usually done on a quarterly basis but if you sell more than 100 courses a month, you can be paid on a monthly basis. You can receive your payments via Paypal or Bank Transfer and you will get an invoice for every payment you receive.
                        Different affiliates share their links in different ways. You can promote your affiliate link via Social Media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Some people promote on Facebook groups and forums and some offer it only when having 1-2-1 chats with people on Facebook or Instagram. Others do dedicated videos on their YouTube channel to promote the courses and some just add their affiliate links under their existing videos as simple text links. It’s totally up to you how you would like to promote the course, and you can choose whatever method suits you best.

                        Once you sign up we will provide you with a starter pack that will go over the basics of promoting online courses.

                        You will get access to your Affiliate Dashboard once you have signed up, where you will be able to track all your sales in real time.
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